Europe in 2040 - An unorthodox vision from the capitals


We asked the EURACTIV network – What is your vision for your country for the next 20 years?

ITALY: In 20 years’ time, Italy will live a bit less in its past and will come to terms with its future, becoming a much modern and multicultural country.

POLAND: In 20 years, Polish wages will catch up with the EU average and posting of workers won’t be the issue anymore. The Polish plumber will come back from France, just as will the Polish doctor from the UK, to live in a coal-free green economy of the future. Without smog, but with swag.

CROATIA: Croatia was sleeping for 6 full years and just woke up

Is this the European Union? Oh, look, it is Schengen and Eurozone having coffee!

Hey Schengen, hey Eurozone, can I join you for a coffee?

What? What did you say?! In like... 20 years?

SPAIN: People come and go. That's life. But we stay. More than ever. Get ready! Spain is back and wants to retake its place within EU institutions and in the world and make the EU speak with a single voice. In 20 years, Madrid will be the capital of Europe.

GERMANY: In 20 years’ time, Germany will be a coal- and car-free country thanks to a fully implemented energy transition, a well-functioning railway company and extended public transportation. The air and living quality will have improved so much that Germany will be pushing for more ambitious environmental measures in Brussels.

SLOVAKIA: Slovakia in 20 years is a welcoming, multicultural country, 100 % nuclear-free, yet carbon neutral, a net contributor to EU budget, proudly financing infrastructure projects in Germany and Sweden, and supporting the accession talks with the UK.

BULGARIA: In no case, Bulgaria should be the last and the poorest. In many areas, Bulgaria should be among the European and world vanguard.

CZECHIA: The Czech Republic moans and groans about the EU as it always does. The good news is that even though you may argue this slows down progress, you can always think of us as your watchdog.

SERBIA: Serbia is walking towards the EU…

Serbia is still walking towards the EU...

Can you see us?

ROMANIA: In 20 years, Romania will no longer be considered one of the most corrupt countries in the European Union. For the new members of the EU, Romania is an example of consolidated democracy, with a public administration reformed by young people.

GREECE: Many in the EU say that Greeks work a little and spend a lot. That's why we needed a bailout. In 20 years, however, all Europeans will learn from Greeks to work from morning till late at night. Really late at night... Reforms, my dear ... Cheers!

FRANCE: In 20 years France will be part of a federation called United States of Europa. And all the French will speak English!

Au revoir!

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