Chère Europe,
Je rêve,
Que dès demain tu puisses t'adresser aux jeunes générations dont on ne parles pas assez

Chère Europe, 
Que tu sauras écouter ces jeunes manifestants et faire plus de réformes pour notre 

Cara Europa, 
Io son qua e mentre ti scrivo, 
Penso alla gente che annega nel mare, dobbiamo agire, ti devi sbrigare

Si cara Europa, 
Io ho un pò paura, 
Non vorrei un matrimonio per soldi, ma in nome dei nostri ideali per essere più forti 

Domani, ouis demain, or tomorrow y mañanananananana
Domani, ouis demain, or tomorrow y mañanananananana


Filo Vals
Filo Vals, an art name of Filippo Valsecchi, born in 1996, began playing as a child. After completing his studies at the French school in Rome, he moved to the United Kingdom where he graduated in Economics, Philosophy and Politics. In England, he also grows as a singer and publishes "Mr. World”, his first single between indie-rock and reggae. Since then he has released four other singles, Just Guessin’, Dance, Prima del Caffè and Occasionale, generating over 4 million streaming between Spotify and other digital platforms.